Sam, who has autism and a movement disorder, didn't think he'd be able to work behind the coffee counter...until he discovered dance.

His Starbucks manager, Chris Ali, says that he wanted to give Sam a chance, and that they found his love of dance while listening to music at work.

“It was something that kind of came along. Sam is a great character and he loves to dance,” he said. “Bringing dance to his routines at work really helped focus on settling down some of his movement disabilities he's had.”

The video has gone viral after an autistic blogger posted it on her page. Now, people come into his Starbucks, just to see him dance. Hope they've got a tip jar out for him!


My birthday is in four days and my birthday wish this year is to have this video go viral. I would like to introduce you...

Posted by Carly Fleischmann on Friday, January 22, 2016

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