"This is just typical of Patrolman Keith Perry. Everyone said he did a great job, and I agree!"

Police in Massachusetts were called to a local Walmart earlier this month regarding a woman who had fainted. When they arrived, they learned that she was homeless and hadn't eaten in a while. Since it was snowing, Patrolman Keith Perry decided to buy her some groceries and book her a hotel room for the night. His kind gesture was captured on camera by fellow Patrolman Adam Laprade.

He bought her peanut butter, jelly, bread, snacks and beverages so that she could fend for herself through the coming storm. While everybody is singing his praises, his colleagues are saying that they're not surprised - Patrolman Perry usually goes "above and beyond."

I think it's so sad that we've forgotten about the homeless in our country, and that they're often demonized. Sometimes all they need is compassion.

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