Don't believe everything that you hear on the internet before a movie comes out.

The much-anticipated, and much-criticized reboot of the Ghostbusters was released in theaters last night, and the reviews aren't too shabby.

I think we were all expecting this film to be panned and ripped to shreds by the critics. Let's be honest, it was destroyed by the online media before the main characters had even been cast. So, now that it's actually in theaters, how is it?

Manohla Dargis of the New York Times says, "Sliding into theaters on a river of slime and an endless supply of good vibes, the new, cheerfully silly Ghostbusters is that rarest of big-studio offerings — a movie that is a lot of enjoyable, disposable fun. And enjoy it while you can because this doesn’t happen often, even in summer."

Stephanie Zacharek of TIME says, "Feig’s Ghostbusters is its own definitive creature, an affable, inventive riff on Ivan Reitman’s proton-packing caper that exists not to score points, but only to make us laugh. For a summer comedy, there’s no nobler purpose."

Jonathan Pile of Empire says, "the film works for the most part, and even though the laughs notably dry up as the CGI spectacular kicks into gear, its feelgood vibes will most likely have already won you over. The online haters didn’t have unparalleled insight about a film they hadn’t seen, then. Who’d have thought it?"

Basically, it's no Citizen Kane or Schindler's List. But, it's not supposed to be. It's a feel-good, funny, visually-pleasing summer film. I'll give you my own review after I see it this weekend!

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