Not just one, but TWO! Two guinea pigs!! 

You can find some of the most practical, most unique stuff on Craigslist, specifically in the "free" section. Here are some of my favorite postings from this week. Maybe it's something you'll want or need, who knows!

via Flint Craigslist

Take it from me - guinea pigs make GREAT pets for kids. I had four of them growing up. And, this comes with the entire setup - cage, food bowls, etc. You can contact the owner HERE.

via Flint Craigslist

Pianos are actually a pretty common post in the "free" section; the hauling away is the hardest part. Still, if you're interested and willing to drive up to Frankenmuth, contact the owner HERE.

And there's more - free hot tubs, firewood, appliances...even landscaping rocks. Wanna peruse your options? Click HERE.