Yes, she had guests. Yes, everybody was dressed up.

Miranda Sanchez found her pup, named Lupita Conchita, when she was only two-weeks-old in the middle of the street - it was clear that she had been abused by her previous owners. She wasn't moving out of the road, so Miranda opened her car door and she hopped right in.

Lupita is about 15 in dog years, and Miranda thought it would be a fun idea to throw her pup a quinceañera. She said it would be a great opportunity to get her family and friends together - Lupita had about 20 human guests and seven pooches (yes, they were dressed up) at her party.

She served ribs, and each dog that liked BBQ got one, and left the party with a goodie bag. And now we're wishing that our mini-schnauzer was invited.

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