Thank you sooooo much to listener Dawn for sending this story to us!

We got this story in a Facebook message, and we couldn't love it more. A local mom, whose son was playing at Rust Park in Grand Blanc, posted to this to her page. It reads:

I don't know who these boys are. I don't know their names. I don't know how they are being raised, or if their parents are voting Trump or Clinton. What I DO know is that they are kind. They were minding their own business playing basketball at the park where I brought my kids this afternoon. My son (who has Aspergers, if you haven't seen my posts before) barged in on their game and started talking their ears off. He ran around the court chasing them as they played. He took their ball without asking. He did many other things that could be considered rude or weird to typical kids.

Some adults might chastise me for not stopping him. In the past, I would have. I have feared most of Adam's life what the reactions of others will be when he is himself in public. I have gotten side-eye glances from other parents more often than I can count. But I have begun to realize that I will not always be around to protect and correct him. He needs to learn some independence. And the only way for him to practice is for me to step back and let him be. It's the hardest thing for this mama's heart.

Back to these boys. They showed kindness that I don't see from most adults. They spent time teaching Adam how to shoot. They lifted him up so he could make a basket. They gave him high-fives and encouragement. They inturrupted their game to play keep away and tag. They told me he was fine when I did walk over to say they could shoo him away if he was bothering them. They spent nearly 45 minutes hanging out with my son. I wish I could tell their mothers that they made this mom's day. And that they made this little boy smile from ear to ear.

This is how we can change the world. Kindness matters. Other people matter. Be the change you want to see.

We'll let that speak for itself. Love it.

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