My 14-year-old son asked, "Are we going to see that 'cute little teddy bear movie' this weekend?" That's code for the movie 'Ted', the new Seth MacFarlane film that opens today. He spoke in code, not wanting to let his mother know that although Ted is indeed 'a cute little bear', he's not exactly a 'Disney' character.

As a young boy, John wishes his teddy bear could come to life, and talk. It happens, and the result is Ted, a foul-mouthed, fun-loving bear, whose debauchery is actually all done in the interest of pleasing John.

Screen Crush, our sister site, gives it 7 out of ten stars, and says it's "more than bearable." 'Ted' is definitely on my to-do list for this weekend!

Watch the clean trailer below, or if you can handle it, watch the red-band trailer here. It's totally  raunchy, totally not suitable for work, and totally funny!

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