They all say that gifts are never expected, but if you ARE going to get something for your child's teacher, here are some ideas. 

If you're like us, you're probably scrambling to get last-minute gifts together - especially for teachers. And, if you're like us, you have NO IDEA what to get them.

Sure, you can get all Pinterest-y (totally guilty of that here), but aside from looking good on social media, is it something that they can USE? Not likely.

So, we decided to ask our son's teachers what they most enjoy getting for Christmas from students. Here's what they said: 

*I love handmade cards because they are meaningful, Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards because I love those places, and funny gifts because I love a good chuckle. :)

*We LOVE gift cards! Some of my favorite were Amazon-books and other educational items, Hobby Lobby, Target and Kohl's for holiday attire/decorations and treats/books for the classroom. Food cards are always great too :) to re-energize us mid- week, Ha!

*I love homemade cards from kids and families that show the true heart and appreciation for what we do on a day to day basis! We love our jobs and that means so much to us!!!

*I love it when kids pay attention to the little things and bring me in a bag of sour patch kids or a McDonald's Coke to show that they pay attention to what I enjoy. It melts my heart to know that they want to me happy and pay attention to the little things in life :)

*I received a bottle of wine from a parent once telling me to relax and enjoy myself because after having both of her children she thought I needed it!!! That was quite shocking, but enjoyable!!!

*Last of all, we don't need tangible items, but it is nice to feel appreciated. The best gesture of all is when kids hug you or write you a card telling you why they appreciate you! Just knowing you are making a difference in a child's life is the MOST rewarding gift!!!

Don't know about you, but this was SUPER helpful. We went the gift card route. Good luck while finishing your shopping!

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