Taylor Swift played for over 40,000 Swifties last night at Ford Field in Detroit. Her Reputation Tour consists of 53 shows across the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Everyone that I know that went to the show said they have never seen anything like it from a production standpoint. Just from what I have seen on social media there appeared to be multiple inflatable snakes, a couple mobile stages, and probably the coolest feature, everyone that attended got an LED bracelet when they arrived. The bracelets light up and changed colors during her show.

Being in Detroit, Taylor did a full minute of silence for Aretha Franklin about 45 minutes into her show. She also gave fans a long and heartfelt speech for the recently passed Queen of Soul.

Taylor had a couple big names join here on this tour. Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello were on the bill last night for Detroit.

Taylors 24 song show looked like it was so much fun! I hear there were confetti cannons and Taylor Swift newspaper clippings showering the crowd at one point. One thing is for sure about this tour, Taylor and her team paid attention to every single detail.

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