Coloring your hair and wearing make-up is one thing - changing the shape of your face is something totally different.

I'm not gonna sit here and preach about social media; I've taken selfies. I dye my hair and I wear make-up. Guilty as charged. Yes, I alter my a fine point.

However, the age of Facetune is dangerous and out-of-control and I'll own that opinion 100%.

For the last few years, I couldn't figure out WHY my friends' pictures on social media looked so...flawless. Is there a new skin-care product that I'm missing? A new brand of make-up? Is this an Instagram filter?

Nope. It's an app called Facetune, and I don't think it's okay.

The app allows you to change the tone and texture of your skin, the width of your jaw, the whiteness of your teeth, the placement of your nose, eyes and mouth on your face, even the position of your eyebrows.

True story: I met somebody recently whom I'd only seen on Instagram and Facebook...and I didn't recognize them in person because of how they've altered their appearance with Facetune.

Social media is a tough cookie - it influences people, it makes lives look problem-free and glamorous, and most of it isn't true. Of course I'm gonna post a picture of me, having a glass of wine while I'm on vacation, and I'm not gonna tell you about the fight I had with my husband moments before. That's the "reality" of social media which we've all come to accept.

But I can NOT accept altering your physical appearance so drastically that you're no longer recognizable.

This app is a step backwards, in my opinion. We were doing so great for about five minutes in accepting natural beauty...yet here we are.

And don't even get me STARTED on people who Facetune THEIR KIDS.

Do what you want; it's your life, your social media account. But don't be surprised when you look in the mirror one day and realize that your OWN SELF IMAGE has been YOU. And an app called Facetune.

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