trick or treating

Worst Halloween Candy?
That moment when you go from feeling bad about stealing your kids' Halloween candy, to realizing that your parents most likely did the same thing... so, you decide to go get more!
Trick-or-Treat Times
Your little ones probably can't wait to get their hands on some Halloween candy! Find out what time you can Trick-or-Treat in your city here.
Lawmaker Proposes Changing Halloween to Saturday
Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, Mothers' Day always falls on Sunday, and if Connecticut State Representative Tim Larson gets his way, Halloween will always occur on the last Saturday of October.
Genesee County communities set Trick-Or-Treat hours.
Halloween Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treating
I can't believe it's almost Halloween but I'm sure your kids are all set and ready to go. You probably have made sure they are safe when they go out trick or treating but just in case, I came across some safety tips from Good Morning America. You probably