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10 Scams From 2014
From people impersonating salespeople, Consumers Energy employees and Boys & Girls Club volunteers to phone calls from the IRS and Facebook stalking, it's been a strange year for residents of Genesee County and Mid-Michigan.
What Are The Top 10 Funniest Movies Ever?
A website called has devised a way to determine the funniest films of all-time.   They have calculated the top ten based on laughs per minute.
Obviously this list, much like other top ten lists, is completely subjective. Check out what they came up with after the jump.
10 America-Themed Songs for the Fourth of July
American popular music has been around since before America even declared its independence. ‘Yankee Doodle,’ anyone? That classic was sung by Colonial American soldiers as early as The French and Indian War.
Since then, our country has established one of the richest musical traditions in the world. M…
Betty White Gives Tips for a Long and Happy Life [VIDEO]
I love Betty White! And at age 89, she is still going strong.
Are you looking to live a long and healthy life? If so, you might want to take her advice.
Last night, the Emmy-winning TV legend appeared on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' during which she revealed her own tips on how to m…