Detroit has found itself on a Top 10 list once again, and this time it's for all the right reasons.

It's no secret that Detroit has gotten a bad rap for years and landed on many a list they'd care not to be on, but this year things are looking up. The Motor City has landed itself a spot on Travel Lemming's "50 Best Places to Travel"  on the 2023 list. Not only did they make the online travel guide's annual list, but they also secured a spot in the top 10.

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Described as the ultimate travel bucket list, the guide has the best of best for you to discover.

"From Madagascar to Mississippi, our 2023 list of places to travel highlights unexpected hidden gems and emerging destinations we think are poised to pop."

The list is pretty exclusive when you take a look at it. Detroit is one of only just two U.S. cities that made the top 10 list with Lafayette, Louisiana coming in first place.

Why You Should Travel to Detroit

So what was it that impressed Travel Lemming writers so much about Detroit to make it a "must-see" in '23? Several things actually. From the people to the architecture, and of course the obvious tourist attractions, Travel Lemming saw the D's true potential.

"This Michigan metropolis is filled with character, a diverse range of things to do, and friendly people", travel writer Brooke Horrobin said. "As one of the country’s best-kept secrets, Detroit isn’t overly touristy, so you get the joy of exploring without crazy crowds. Some of the city’s best elements are its architectural history, Motown music, thriving sports scene, art culture, and excellent selection of restaurants, craft breweries, and cocktail bars. Canada is just across the beautiful Detroit river, so make the most out of your trip and visit two countries in one go!"

The site made sure to note Detroit's infamous Eastern Market, Detroit Institute of Arts, and Campus Martius as places to see, and of course Detroit Style Pizza for homegrown eats. They also suggest the best time to discover Detroit as May-October, and December.

You can check out the full list of "50 Best Places to Travel in 2023" here. 

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