After Surgery, Matt Feels Dizzy [VIDEO]
Matt is waking up after surgery, and he's a little groggy. Like all good parents, his came prepared, armed with a video camera, ready to capture  every disconcerted, nonsensical word. Matt is dizzy. Or is it dizzaaaay?
Please, I'm begging you, when someone you love is coming out of ane…
’60 Minutes’ Features Adele On Her Vocal Cord Surgery
Adele has undergone vocal cord surgery to remove polyps and it has forced her to be quiet lately while she heals.Her tour dates have been canceled or rescheduled until she heals. Adele had the top selling album since 2004, ’21, but for now, things are on hold.
However, she’s made progress and is open…
Because Somebody Needs It
"Because somebody needs it."  That's the answer I give when they ask my reason for donating at the American Red Cross Donor Center in Flint.