School Bus

School Starts Next Week, Be Alert For School Buses!
Most schools in Mid-Michigan will begin classes on Tuesday, September 4th.  That means that school buses will be picking up and dropping off students in the morning and afternoon.  That also means that you need to be wary when you see the bus driver put on the flashers.
Incredible Video Of School Bus Crash In Indiana [VIDEO]
Some incredible video out of Carmel, Indiana shows a school bus crash near Indianapolis. The surveillance video from inside the bus shows the driver going along when he is suddenly thrown from his seat after hitting a bump.
He clings to the steering wheel as the bus veers, but when the bus slams int…
Most Incredible Tornado Video Inside A School Bus [VIDEO]
This story could have had a totally different ending. Surveillance video shows the inside of a school bus in Henryville, Indiana, as a tornado hit on March 2nd. The twister threw the bus into a building. Eleven school children and the driver had just evacuated the bus.
If it were not for the quick…