Hospitalized Dad Attends Daughter’s Wedding Thanks to Creative Use of PhotoShop [PHOTOS]
This is such an awesome story.The wedding of your child is one of life’s most important events. Not just for them but for you as a parent as well. In a perfect world as a parent you clear your schedule and attend. But what happens if one of the parents suddenly falls ill and is not able to witness the occasion or be in any of the photos? This is exactly what happened to newlyweds Brian and Laura S
Celebs Need Worry About New Photoshop Rating System
These days, it’s almost unheard of to see a celebrity photo that hasn’t been airbrushed or otherwise digitally manipulated to make the person in the picture look nearly flawless. While they may make pretty magazine covers, two researchers are proposing a ratings system to let people know exactly how much a photo has been manipulated.
Photoshop Creates an Attractive Woman From a Blank Canvas [VIDEO]
Those who can claim mastery over Photoshop have a lot more skills than most of us might think. They can make celebrities and models look way better than they actually are, and they even have the ability to create people out of blank canvases, literally. Click after the jump and watch how a simple sketch in Photoshop slowly becomes a real-looking woman.