Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Turkey [VIDEOS]
A desperate search is underway in Turkey as rescuers look for victims buried in the rubble caused by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake.  The quake hit yesterday afternoon, and at least seven aftershocks as strong as 6.0 have hit since.
President Obama made a statement yesterday saying that the U.S. will &qu…
National Monuments Damaged In East Coast Earthquake
After the earthquake that rattled the east coast yesterday, workers at the National Mall in Washington D.C. are still assessing the damage to our national monuments and memorials.
There are no known deaths reported as a result of the quake, but the overall damage is estimated to be more than $100 mil…
Japan 7.4 Magnitude Aftershock [VIDEO]
Japan suffered from a large aftershock earthquake measuring 7.4 on the magnitude chart. There was a tsunami warning issued that was lifted after only 90 minutes. Watch the live video footage taken during the quake.

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