New Technology In School Bus Safety
Are you sick of drivers ignoring the flashing red lights and stop signs when a school bus is dropping off or picking up your kids? A new technology will help catch the law-breaking speed demons.
The Toys We Had To Have When We Were Kids [VIDEO]
These are the toys you made your parents buy for you. Perhaps you stood in line to buy some of these for your kids. Huge bucks were shelled out for the stuff all in the name of fun. Where is all that stuff now? See the toys after the jump.
Hero Golden Retriever Rescues Missing Autistic Child
The parents of 5-year-old Scotty Meyer, who suffers from autism, were fear stricken when they realized their son had disappeared. The family officially reported him missing midday last Tuesday, convinced that he had slipped out of the house while their air conditioning was being repaired. Fortunatel…

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