Now THAT is something you don't see every day! Actually, you almost NEVER see a spa/salon that actually welcomes kids!

Theresa Nelson says that she has a passion for children, and that's how she got inspired to open up Sweet Tee's Salon in Flint Township.

She was recently at a conference where she heard people talking about how they don't like to have kids in their salons. And THAT is when she realized that kids are an "untouched market."

In July of last year, she opened the salon, which is located on Miller Road. While their parents get pampered, kids are welcome to get a mani, pedi, facial or just a simple haircut. Theresa also plans to start servicing kids with special needs; she said she'd like to have a sensory-friendly day.

She provides the kids with coloring books, a charging station for their electronics, drinks and more.

BRB, making an appointment. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

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