Just 15 hours after being released from the hospital, a Port Huron man killed his mother and attacked her boyfriend, saying he was told to do so while watching TV.

His brother says Michigan's mental health system has failed his family.

Michael Lander tells Detroit's WXYZ that he convinced his brother Matthew to seek treatment at McLaren Hospital in Port Huron, after experiencing “bizarre thoughts, “paranoia” and “delusions.” He was released after 13 days.

Mark Reinstein, President and CEO of the Mental Health Association in Michigan, tells the TV station that this is not an isolated incident. Lack of bed space, and insurance companies' unwillingness to pay for extended treatment often leads to patients being released sooner than they should.

"Typically they’re out quickly, they’re not stabilized and some of our people don’t get appropriate, immediate follow-up on a level that they need."

Matthew Lander told police he didn't think he should have been let out. He's awaiting a competency hearing to determine if he can stand trial for his mother's murder.


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