Board members at SVSU voted to increase tuition at the university.

It looks like it is going to cost students at Saginaw Valley State University just a little bit more for the upcoming academic year. In a recent vote, board members of the university voted to increase the tuition for undergraduate students in Michigan.

When will the increase in tuition kick in?

Students that plan on attending Saginaw Valley State University can expect to see the increase kick in for the upcoming academic school year.

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How much is the increase in tuition?

The board members at Saginaw Valley State University will be increasing tuition by 2.9%. That means that undergraduate students in Michigan can expect to pay $11,130 if they're taking 30 credits. That is an increase of $317.

Our commitment to remaining affordable is undeniable...Not only do we continue to have the lowest tuition among the state’s public universities, we also launched our Cardinal Commitment this year for families earning less than $50,000. We secured the largest single gift in university history – $6 million – all of which will go to scholarships, thanks to the generosity of the Thompson Family Foundation...said Donald Bachand, Saginaw Valley State University President. 

The change in tuition at SVSU comes just after Michigan State University announced plans to raise tuition for students from families earning $100,000.

Good luck to all students taking on student loans in the future. While I would never say "don't go to college," I wish that someone would've said that to me. I am still swimming in student loan debt that has just destroyed my credit. It's a painful life lesson, but I hope these students get help from peers to keep their spending and loans in check.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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