It's till over 4 years away and there's already controversy. This week the logo for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris was unveiled and it left many giving their take on what they see.

The design is supposed to depict the Olympic flame within a gold medal, and the hair and lips of Marianne who is the personification of the French Republic since the 1789 revolution, but many have chimed in on social media saying it looks more like an advertisement for the dating app Tinder.

Critics have had a field day going so far as to channel thoughts to a Rorschach-like test creating  backstories and personalities on the logo. One Twitter user even likened the image to that nasty lady having customer service issues. Someone even named her Karen.

A video released by the official Paris 2024 Twitter account explains that the three symbols have been combined to form "a face that places humans at the heart of the Games." As sweet as it sounds, I still say someone's going to swipe right.

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