If you're still looking for something for the kids to do and a way for them to cool off, take them to Sloan Museum for summer camp. They have plenty of activities to get involved with and tomorrow it's all about robots and water.

Tomorrow from 9-11am kids in grades first through third can participate in Robofingers and learn all about robots and how they work. They'll be able to make some crafts as well. If you have kids in preschool or kindergarten, you can bring them by Sloan from 1-2:30pm for the water party. The kids can cool off in the courtyard and play some water games. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow so this would be the perfect activity.

Sloan has a variety of other activities that start next week as well including a sink and float camp, Pierson doll day and amusement park science. All of the camps are very inexpensive and your kids will take part in some really cool stuff.