The story begins with two cops sitting in the drive-thru ordering some burgers at Hot 'n Now. Sounds typical, right? Well, give it a couple of seconds and you see that the Sturgis Police Department (along with the Sturgis Fire and Rescue team) put together a lip-sync challenge video that is anything but typical!

The video, which could stand up to anything on M-TV in the 80s, features officers from both departments rocking out to Diego Boneta's remake of Twisted Sister's 'I Wanna Rock.'

The handcuffed suspect rocking out in the back seat of the patrol car is a nice touch! (And they eventually share some of their fast food with him.)

Police agencies all over are posting lip-sync videos, challenging other agencies to follow suit using the #lipsyncchallenge hashtag. Deputy Duffield from the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department posted this video earlier this month as he channeled Adele.

The Sturgis Police Department his set the bar very high for the next agency that takes on the challenge. And now I can't get 'I Wanna Rock' out of my head...

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