Michigan State University is included in the class-action lawsuits.

26 universities across the United States are being sued by students for partial refunds on housing and tuition, claiming that they're not getting the education that they originally paid for because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The list includes private institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, and Brown, as well as big schools like Purdue, MSU, and the University of Colorado.

The schools have all declined to comment; some are blaming law firms who, they say, are being "opportunistic."

As far as Michigan State, they say that students are still being offered academic instruction, tutoring, etc. They also told NBC News that they've incurred more costs to move classes online.

Even though classes are being moved online for most students, the ones who are suing want their money back because they no longer have access to housing, labs, gyms, and other campus amenities. Their lawyers say that they've paid for an on-campus experience that they are no longer able to receive.

In fact, students at the University of Chicago have refused to pay tuition for the spring term unless it's reduced by 50%. Payments were due by the end of April, most of which never came.

Personally, I totally understand, especially for students who have been forced off-campus because of the pandemic. You don't pay rent after you're evicted; why should the schools keep their housing fees after they've booted students off their property?

Also, if students didn't intend on going to school online, they shouldn't have to pay for the entire experience. What do YOU think?

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