There are fewer high stress situations than a job interview. You’re being asked to endure intensely private scrutiny that a proctologist would find invasive and have to pretend to be interested in the boring speeches and conversation of a man who you will spend the rest of your life pretending is not boring and interesting.

It’s no wonder that strange questions like these sometimes pop up during job interviews. Some, of course, are stranger than others.

1. “What part of your body would you least like to be shot in with a tranquilizer dart?”

2. “How you do feel about electronically monitored ankle bracelets?”

3. “Does your definition of ‘Casual Friday’ include the word ‘topless’?”

4. “Do you know who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who?”

5. “I’ll bet you know the jerk who’s sleeping with my wife, don’t ya?”

6. “This job requires a great deal of knowledge about computers and the Internet. For instance, how would you convince your wife that all that porn in the browser history came with the computer before you brought it home?”

7. “Have you ever sniffed Wite-Out?”

8. “Let’s just say the two of us got in a fight. What would you say would be your weakest area of attack?”

9. “Would you be willing to trade Park Place for Baltic Avenue, $500 and the office’s entire supply of paper clasps?”

10. “Would you be willing to answer everyone of my questions in the form of a question including this one?”

11. “No, really, IS the Pope Catholic?”

12. “Would you like to guess what object from this office once spent an entire week in my pants?”

13. “Did you know that ballpoint pen ink is a potent aphrodisiac?”

14. “Are you OK with an office that has an ‘open door policy’ that includes the ladies’ bathroom?”

15. “Do I know your mom from Tijuana?”