Before you flip out -- before you read even one word of this, you should know that:

  1. The mom has a great sense of humor,
  2. The little girl has no idea about this mishap, and
  3. She does not know the meaning of the word 'loser.'

A Missouri mom got a good laugh when she picked up a birthday cake for her daughter's third birthday. She was in a hurry the day before the party and stopped at the grocery store bakery to pick up a cake.

Her daughter, whose name is Liz, goes by the nickname 'Lizard.' So Mom grabbed a cake that was already made and asked that it be decorated with the words, 'Happy Birthday, Lizard.'

There was a little mix-up. Melin Jones says in a Facebook post that she didn't look at the cake until she got home, and then realized that the cake read, 'Happy Birthday, Loser.'

It probably should be noted that the bakery that created the cake is Walmart. Of course, it's Walmart.

Jones points out, "This is a funny story, it's OK to laugh."

It's a win-win because Jones got to eat the loser cake herself, she was able to get to the store to obtain a new cake with the correct inscription before the party, and she and her family will always have a funny story to tell!

Jones says she did not bring the mishap to the store's attention because she didn't want the bakery worker to get into any trouble or get mocked by her coworkers.



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