Expect the foursome to get together in 2012.  Yeah, I was a little disappointed when I read foursome too.  It appears that Christine McVie, who left the super group in 1998 will not be returning.

(Hit the break to see Lindsey Buckingham's surprise appearance on SNL this weekend.)

Stevie Nicks' latest CD, "In Your Dreams" was just released, while Lindsey Buckingham's latest project, "Seeds We Sow" is scheduled to drop in September.  According to Spinner, Nicks says it's not been determined if they'll record a new CD when she and Buckingham reunite with John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, or if they'll just hit the road for another tour.

The video below features the real Lindsey Buckingham, in an SNL skit known as "What Up With That".  It's a recurring sketch in which Buckingham (played by Bill Hader) is always a guest on the BET variety show, but is never interviewed because they always run out of time.  What a surprise:  TWO Lindsey Buckinghams!