Kimberly Scott is in an impossible position. After several years of bonding with her stepdaughter Matayah, Scott is now separated from her husband, and has been allowed virtually no contact with the child she considers her daughter.

The Fort Smith, Arkansas woman has taken to social media with a video that documents her journey and numerous attempts for visitation. The video (below) has been viewed 8.2 million times (as of this writing) and shared extensively via her Facebook page. Her hope is that Matayah will one day see the video, and know that although she had no legal right to visitation, she has always longed to part of the girl's life.

Scott contends that her battle is one fought by many stepparents, those who love children who have become part of their lives, but lose them as they have no legal right to custody or visitation in the event of a separation.

- George McIntyre
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