Hi...it's the crazy co-host from the morning show. The one who gets made fun of because she believes in Bigfoot.

If this week's story of the Midland man with evidence of Sasquatch living on his property doesn't convince you, maybe these other sightings in Michigan will.

The possibility of Bigfoot living in Michigan has been the subject of some good natured debate (except for the people who called me stupid...Rod!) around our water cooler here at the station all week. Anthony Padillo, the Midland man who is receiving international attention because of his evidence that something Sasquatch like lives on his property can take the credit for that.

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio of our interview of Anthony Padilla during the Cars 108 morning show on Wednesday, January 15.

If that story still leaves you doubting the existence of Bigfoot, here are four more sightings that have been documented right here in Michigan within the last five years.

Check out Melissa's story of an encounter with Bigfoot on her property near Gaylord on February 12, 2012.

This footage was recorded on private property in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from November of 2012 through February of 2013.

In a sneak peek of an episode of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot", Houghton Lake residents share their encounters with Bigfoot.

Animal Planet came back to Michigan in October of 2013. This time, their focus was the upper peninsula, with sightings in Munising, Seney and Au Train dating as far back as 25 years ago.

CLICK HERE for a fantsastic story from FOX News regarding 47 year-old Lynn Pfeifer of Newaygo County, just north of Grand Rapids. She claims that she has been feeding a family of nine or ten Bigfoot like creatures on her property for several years. Lynn says that they enjoy a diet of fish, fruit, dry dog food and their favorite...blueberry bagels.

Visit michiganbigfoot.org for more links, pictures and sightings, all regarding sightings of Bigfoot right here in Michigan.

Have I changed your mind yet? Does Bigfoot live in Michigan?

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