A mid-Michigan man is asking for a serious investigation in to his claims that Bigfoot has been living on his property for years. He says he has plenty of evidence to substantiate his claims. Update: Rod and Steph spoke with Mr. Padillo this morning. Very interesting... give it a listen!

Anthony Padilla, 52, of Breckinridge, MI recently walked into a Midland law enforcement office to ask for an investigation based on his claims that Bigfoot lives on his property.

He came armed with evidence including photo albums, Bigfoot scat (poop) and empty food containers. Padilla requested that the food containers and poop be tested for DNA.

The Midland man says that he had a serious sighting seven years ago, and believes that he accidentally awoke the creature when he moved onto his 17 acre property in 1997.

Rod and I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Padilla during the show this morning. Listen to the audio of that interview below.

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More from Mr. Padilla in the video below.

Does Bigfoot live in mid-Michigan?

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