They have fans coast to coast and all around the world, but their biggest fan may be a young man right here in Genesee Country.

The stars of the History Channels top rated show 'Counting Cars' are in town for Back-to-the Bricks this weekend and made an appearance for the special Hot Dog Lunch at ELGA Credit Union today. The lunch, sponsored by ELGA and Meijer, was a special event for cruisers prior to the showing off their cars this weekend.

Aidan Silverton of Grand Blanc, who happens to have Fragile X Syndrome, is a huge fan of the show and the stars. His mother Jennifer says he loves watching the episodes over and over again as well as sporting this "Counting Cars' shirt. He recently had a chance to tour the Counts Kustoms location, where much of the show is filmed, on a trip to Las Vegas. He loved seeing the cars and the actual location of his favorite show, but one thing he missed out on seeing was the stars themselves. Until today.

We arranged a special Meet & Greet for Aidan with Kevin Mack, Ryan Evans, and Mike Henry. His mother brought him to the special lunch at ELGA without him knowing about the surprise waiting. Lets just say it was one special moment for everyone involved.


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