They may look pretty but make no mistake:  The invasive spotted lanternfly is a nasty, invasive creature, and it has been once again found in Michigan.

On Monday (6/24), the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reported a small population of the creature in Monroe County.

What is the Spotted Lanternfly?

The official name for the species is Lycorma delicatula. The species is known to dine on vegetation and fruit trees and poses a threat to black walnut, river birch, will, sumac, and red maple trees.

When it feeds, it produces a sticky liquid that can collect on the ground or nearby vegetation. The result can be a growth of sooty mold which has been known to kill plants.

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The species is native to Southwestern Asia, including parts of China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This is the second time the creature has been identified in Michigan, it made its first appeared Pontiac in the summer of 2022.  

Where Was the Spotted Lanternfly Detected?

On Monday (6/24), MDARD confirmed a small population of juvenile spotted lanternfly in Lambertville, which is in Monroe County.

Experts warned that the creature was likely to invade Michigan after it first appeared in the US in Eastern Pennsylvania. Residents of Berks County have been battling the bug since 2014, with some reporting that they feel like they're being held prisoners in their own homes.

Here's How to Avoid Spreading the Pest

Experts say the spotted lanternfly likes to hitchhike to new areas by catching a ride on vehicles, firewood, campers, and tires.

They recommend checking vehicles before traveling long distances and always discourage moving vegetation or firewood from region to region.

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