The Whitney Restaurant will be on a special creepy episode of Food Paradise on Sunday.

The Whitney, which is located on Woodward Avenue in Midtown, has had rumors of hauntings for decades.

It was built sometime between 1890 and 1894 for lumber baron David Whitney, Jr. At the time, he was the wealthiest man in Detroit. It's rumored to be haunted by David and his first wife, Flora, who passed away before the mansion was finished. He then went on to marry Flora's sister.

Flora "haunts" the mansion because she never got to live in it, but her sister did. David haunts it because he died there.

The mansion is 22,000 square feet and includes 10 bathrooms, 218 windows, 20 fireplaces, an elevator and 52 rooms total.

The restaurant offers paranormal dinners - you can buy tickets HERE. 

The episode will air on Sunday at 8 PM on the Travel Channel.

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