I was staring at our beautiful Christmas tree the other day thinking about how old some of the ornaments are. One in particular stood out.

My wife Anne does such a beautiful job every year decorating our tree. She takes her time and does it over a period of a few days. My biggest contribution is moral support for the project. When it comes to ornaments there are a few that keep popping up every year.

On our Christmas tree most of the decorations have special meaning. Maybe from a trip we've taken in the past or an ornament that was passed down from family. I'm sure you have a few of those on your tree as well.

There is one on our tree that has a very special meaning to me. Not only because of its age but how it came to be. It's a very simple decoration..one a child makes for his or her mother while in grade school. The one in the picture below was made by me for my mother when I was a fifth grader at Kingston Elementary. Mrs. Denhoff's class..that's Kingston Michigan by the way.

I made the decoration for my mother Christmas 1964. She saved it and put it on her tree all these years. My mother surprised me a few years back and said "do you remember this"? In her hand was the ornament in a baggie. I couldn't believe it..I remembered it like it was yesterday.

To this day even as I sit at my dining room table writing this story..looking at that simple little decoration, it takes me all the way back to that year and all the great memories. If only the ornament could talk. Merry Christmas.

prahin photo
prahin photo