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Rashida Williams feels fortunate that she was able to keep her business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Williams is the owner of The Glam Doctor, a small but successful makeup business in  Southfield.

Although her business struggled during the pandemic, she was able to power through. That perseverance caught the attention of Mastercard, who cast Williams and others like her in a commercial starring Jennifer Hudson.

Because her business is primarily driven by weddings and events, it was hit hard by the pandemic. Willimas had to think on her feet and was able to navigate a new way of doing business.

“Being innovative, thinking out of the box, breaking the box. Virtual classes were the way for me, being able to connect,” Williams tells WXYZ-TV in Detroit.

She goes on to tell the station that she caught the attention of a casting agency that noticed that her business was managing to survive. The agency was looking for strong Black women who were overcoming obstacles and persevering in 2020 and cast Williams to appear in a Mastercard campaign called 'Strivers.'

“It makes people pay even more attention, to small black businesses, women-owned businesses and I’m proud a representation," Williams said. "A very small representation of all the women and my sisters out there who are doing it big in their businesses."

Williams says she's thrilled to have been chosen for a campaign that gives inspiration to other Black women who are entrepreneurs.


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