An animal shelter in Michigan is scrambling for donations after someone abandoned 24 guinea pigs on the street.

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The abandoned piggies were spotted by a Grand Haven resident who gathered all of the pigs they could, put them in a box, and took them to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office then took them to the Harbor Humaine Society, where the pigs are being cared for.

'Wee Wee Wee' Says the Shelter

In a cute (but nonetheless sad) Facebook post, the Harbor Humane Society made a plea for donations of supplies and money.

"Shelter workers say 'wee wee wee need some help!'" the Facebook post reads.

The post notes that there are "Mamas, Paps, and even babies," saying that the animals will be made available for adoption after a four-day hold.

Neither the shelter nor the sheriff's department have any clues as to who abandoned the pigs.

Donations Started Pouring in

The Humane Society is asking for guinea pig supplies like food, hay, treats, and toys and says monetary donations would help as well. So far, about $600 has been raised to help care for the piggies.

Donations can be dropped off, ordered through an Amazon-Chewy wishlist, or sent via Facebook.

Time for Some Pig Puns

Just think, you could 'sow-prize' Mom with a cute little pet for Mother's Day. Wouldn't that make her squeal? Mom doesn't like pigs, you say? Hogwash.

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