I'm a fan of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I have always got a kick out of some of the names that they have come up with to describe the flavors. The latest flavor 'Schweddy Balls' is causing a little controversy . The ice cream features fudge-covered rum balls. What inspired this flavor from Ben & Jerry's? Find out after the jump.

The title was inspired by an innuendo-laced 1998 skit on 'Saturday Night Live' featuring  Alec Baldwin as baker Pete Schweddy, who promises, "No one can resist my Schweddy balls."

But apparently some grocery store chains can, and so can supporters and members of the One Million Moms group.

Store chains that have decided not to carry the flavor are not saying whether their decisions were influenced by the One Million Moms group.

Even with limited availability,  Schweddy Balls has quickly become the most popular limited-edition flavor the company has produced.

Do you think the Million Moms group is overreacting? Here is the skit from 'Saturday Night Live' that inspired the flavor.

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