The idea that companies are still drug testing new hires, seems kind of ridiculous to me. I mean, it's pretty much equivalent to testing someone to see if they drank alcohol the night before. You wouldn't do that though because alcohol is legal and has been for a real long time. The whole thing is a goofy concept when living in a state where recreational marijuana is legal.

It seems the days of stressing over not getting hired because you failed a marijuana drug test are almost over.

Michigan is one of 16 states where recreational marijuana use is legal, so this is long overdue.

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Some companies like Amazon are stepping up and doing the right thing by not drug testing for new hires. The main reason is that there's a massive worker shortage and the move will help with attracting new employees.

Amazon will still test those who drive their trucks and fly their planes but the days of testing news hires is over.

Even the UAW sees the benefit of not drug testing for marijuana. According to WXYZ, UAW local officials in Flint say they've had a problem finding new hires for the assembly line, and they said the solution is simple: stop testing for marijuana and raise the minimum wage.

GM isn't on board with this concept just yet but it sounds like it's a possibility. When asked about it, they said they're discussing the topic internally right now.

I think in the coming months or at least by next year, we're going to start seeing a lot more companies following Amazon with this move.

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