So they're pretty much confirming what we always knew that they think of the people of Flint, which is comforting. 

A private text conversation between a top aide to Governor Snyder and Flint activist Arthur Woodson has been released, and it's not pretty.

Rich Baird, who has been the governor's go-to person for the Flint Water Crisis, texted Woodson, telling him to “just crawl back into whatever hole of illusion you reside in and hope that lazy reporters will occasionally forget that you ceased to be relevant long ago.”

It's not completely clear who leaked the texts, but it appears to be a reporter from the Detroit News. Baird also told Woodson that Snyder “does not deserve to be villified by those who have no basis to judge him.”

Classy. Thanks for confirming what we already knew you thought about us.

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