Snow days have always been something kids have looked forward to but they may eventually become a thing of the past if a new 'eLearning Days' program proves to be a success.

Anderson School District 5 in South Carolina was chosen to pilot the program. When weather conditions do not allow students and faculty to make it safely to school, teachers will send classroom assignments to students electronically. Those who are left without power or internet service will have five days to complete the assignments once they return to school.

Superintendent Tom Wilson proposed the idea to the state's Education Oversight Committee.

"With today's technology, it makes so much sense, from the practical standpoint and financially," he said. "Technology has changed every profession, and we have the technology in place to keep kids working during the snow days and eliminate the makeup days."

Of course, the district's Facebook page has been overflowing with comments and questions about the program.

What do you think? Is the program a win-win, because it allows students to stay engaged during snow days and eliminates the possibility of requiring make-up days? Or does it further suck the fun out of kids' lives? Let us know what you think.

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