Don't worry about Google or Apple tracking your location. Get over it if you're nervous hackers may access your voice mail. It's actually the one you love that's most likely to be snooping through your email and cellphone history.

This study shows that the number of spouses, significant others and parents who sneak a peek into loved ones' digital lives is significant, and on the rise with romantic partners.

Have you ever taken a quick look when no one's watching? Discover anything interesting?

Key findings show that 33% of those surveyed have looked at the email or call history of someone they're dating, without that person's knowledge. That figure increases to 37% for married people snooping on a spouse. In both cases, women outnumber men, and those under 25 are the biggest snoops.

37% of parents admit to snooping into a a child's call history or email, but if the kids are teenagers, that percentage skyrockets to 60%. Again, moms are slightly more guilty than dads.

We tell our kids, "It's our job to protect you." We believe this also applies to our teenage boys' digital lives. (Besides, we pay the bills!)

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