Not that the Republican National Convention lacked for its own special breed of entertainment night after night, but the political arena at least managed to bring SNL out of summer break early. Watch Colin Jost and Michael Che bring Weekend Update to Cleveland with the requisite Pokémon GO sketch you never wanted, plus bonus Kate McKinnon!

The 12-minute Weekend Update on MSNBC followed an earlier Today appearance of Jost and Che hitting the convention streets, but more immediately the speech of Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence, and the “Ted Wedding” showstopper of former candidate Ted Cruz. The full program is above, though NBC also provided videos for the amusingly charged ‘Trumpémon GO’ sketch, in which Che roamed the convention center looking for “rare minorities.”

Of course, topical Pokémon humor pales in comparison to raining Ghostbsuters queen Kate McKinnon, who seemed extra energetic to trot out her Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression after the real-life figure had some harsh words for Donald Trump.

Both Weekend Update hosts will be at it again next week from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but check out the full videos above.

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