A good, but sad reminder about keeping small dogs, cats and kids safe.

This is definitely one of those things that we don't think about...until it happens to us.

Lindsey Nartker of Clarkston posted on Facebook on Monday that her 4-lb dog Jack was snatched up by coyotes and killed while out for a potty break early in the morning. Her husband had let the dog out around 4:50 AM in their front yard when he was grabbed by a pack of coyotes.

They live in the Brookstone subdivision at M-15 and Cranberry Road. Her Facebook post says:

As you can imagine, we are heartbroken and still in shock. I share this as a warning to other local friends... be careful outside in the dark. Clearly, the coyotes are closer than we think. Watch your small dogs, kitties, and little kiddos.

This is a great reminder, with such a sad outcome. We have a 20 lb dog; albeit not "small" but she's no German Shepherd, either. We let her out around the same time every day, as we're up early. I'll definitely keep a closer watch on her. So sad for this family, but thank you for the warning.

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