It was an unforgettable Mother's Day for the O'Brien family. Jean O'Brien is in a nursing home in Michigan, recovering from COVID-19. The 101-year-old was joined this year by her eight adult children, many of whom are scattered all around the United States.

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Pat O'Brien, sporting a Detroit Tigers shirt, said coming home to spend some time with his mom and siblings was an easy decision.

"I had no other single thought when I heard that she was positive other than getting home and seeing her and taking care of her and doing whatever I could to make her time better," he told ABC News.

This adventure marked the first time the siblings lived together under the same roof in more than 50 years. They rented an Airbnb and shared one shower, much like it was when they were growing up. "We're having flashbacks to our old [days of] growing up and bonding, Megan O'Briend laughed.

During the day, the siblings took turns gathering outside Jean's nursing home window where the waved, sang, and danced. The visits not only lifted Jean's spirits, they seem to have had a lasting impact on the entire family.

"Seeing her and taking it in … I just started to cry. And she waved and she smiled and she even I could see her mouthing my name 'Megan.' ... She was more animated and it was just beautiful. ... It was absolutely what we were hoping we would be able to do. And bring to her," Megan O'Brien said.


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