Today is Giving Tuesday -- a day created simply to encourage people to do something good for others. (Warning:  There's a shameless plug at the end of this article.)

As we approach Christmas, we thought today would be a great opportunity to share this video that reminds us of how much we already have. Maybe some of us take everyday things for granted. Things like electricity, food, reliable transportation, and a place to live. Sometimes we can even be guilty of taking for granted those we love.

The video -- created by Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, -- caught my eye last year at Christmastime. It was actually created three years ago as an attempt to remind us of how much we already have. It's pretty effective, don't you think?

(And while you're here, we would sincerely appreciate your donation to the Children's Miracle Network/Hurley Children's Hospital. You can donate right here, or stop by during our live broadcast today (12/3) at Ashley Homestore in Flint.)

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