He said that he's not seeking money; he just wants to be able to take a new photo for his drivers license.

16-year-old Chase Culpepper passed his drivers test & went to obtain his drivers license....and was told to take off his "disguise." Except it wasn't a disguise; that's how he normally dresses.

Chase wears make-up and women's clothing regularly, but was told that he couldn't for his license photo. He said that he left the DMV feeling "degraded," and that he just wants his photo to reflect who he is.

He was allowed to take the photo after he removed his make-up and is now suing  South Carolina's DMV. However, they aren't seeking any money. His mother filed the suit on his behalf, saying that he just wants to be able to retake his license photo.

Should he be allowed to retake it? Read the full story HERE.


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