A bill has been introduced to do just that - eliminate the parallel parking requirement in driver's tests.

Michigan State Rep. Sarah Lightner brought the bill to light on May 9th, which has now been sent to the Committee on Transportation.

The mitt requires you to pass a "blindside backing" test, aka parallel parking, before you can even make it to the road test. Lightner says that it's a money grab, stating that the test costs $50 and that some people never even make it to the road portion.

Most people are calling it an "outdated practice," saying that if you can't fit or can't parallel park, you drive around the block and find a spot that works.

Personally, the parallel parking portion of my driving test was the ONE PART that I almost failed, However, I took my driving test in Wisconsin, where it was part of the road portion. I had to parallel park a LOT because I commuted to an urban university, but truth be told, the few accidents I've been in had nothing to do with parallel parking.

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