For everyone who's gotten stuck behind a pokey mall shopper...

It started with a school assignment for Chloe Nash-Lowe, who is 10 years-old. Her task was to write a formal letter to a company or public figure, so she wrote a letter to Meadowhall Mall. It seems that Chloe is often frustrated by slow shoppers; "They break her stride." Here is more of what she wrote.

"I am incredibly disappointed by people walking around your shopping centre — it annoys me so bad I want to scream," Nash-Lowe wrote. "You should stop people walking slow as people are in a rush for work and this could cause people being late. It is dangerous because if someone bumped into you that person will fall over. Will you ever tell people not to walk so slow? If you do this for me I will be delighted — please do it."

Meadowhall Mall administrators took her letter seriously and created a "fast lane" and a "slow lane" in pink on the mall's floor and divided by white dots, just like a road.

fast lane in mall
Meadowhall Mall via Facebook

The lanes are a trial run and the mall will use comments left on it's Facebook page to decide if they will become permanent. The majority of the 264 comments left so far are not in favor of the idea. They say that common courtesy should prevail and that malls should not "regulate" the walking speed of shoppers.

We've all gotten stuck behind window shoppers, people on their phone, slower walkers or shoppers who just stop to chat...Is a "fast lane" at the mall a good idea?

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