The federal government has begun an investigation into sexual violence in five Michigan school districts, including the Lansing school system. The US Department of Education's probe is sparked by a Lansing student's claim that she was was suspended after being sexually assaulted in school.

The October 2015 incident has received national attention as of late. Security camera footage captured the 14-year old girl being followed into a stairwell by a male student. The boy, also 14, exposed himself, grabbed the girl's hand, and forced her hand around his penis.

Reports indicate that officials at Eastern High School suspended the girl for 10 days for "lewd behavior" for engaging in sexual conduct in school, "regardless of consent." The suspension was handed down before the police were contacted. The boy was prosecuted criminally, and pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure.

According to Lansing's WLNS, federal investigators will review all available evidence related to sexual violence in Lansing schools, including documents, interviews and even on-site visits.

A representative says the school district is fully cooperating with federal investigators.

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